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6 Baby Gifts Which Nobody Else will Think Of

  When a new baby is welcomed into the family, it can be difficult to think of a standout gift which nobody else will think of. Parents are often left with multiple babygrows, name plaques, bibs and newborn essentials from various family members and friends. Wouldn’t it be great to find a present that’s unique … Continue reading “6 Baby Gifts Which Nobody Else will Think Of”

A Brief History of Knitwear

The origins of knitting can be traced back hundreds of years and the skill is thought to have been developed in the Middle East. It’s amazing that a traditional way of making garments is still used, and very much in fashion, today in 2016! It’s not just knitwear that is popular but the hobby of … Continue reading “A Brief History of Knitwear”

How to Style Your Knitwear

  Christmas may have been and gone but the winter is far from over! The weather in the UK has been unseasonably mild, which means that we are probably in for a freezing January, February and March. But it’s not all doom and gloom – autumn and winter are the best seasons for fashion! Nothing … Continue reading “How to Style Your Knitwear”

Merry Christmas to Grannies Everywhere! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and here at Grannies Inc we are overflowing with Christmas cheer! Our wonderful knitting grannies have been hard at work over the past couple of months, making sure everyone receives a woolly gift for Christmas this year. We would like to wish each and every one of … Continue reading “Merry Christmas to Grannies Everywhere! “

Top Headwear Trends A/W 15/16

With temperatures dropping and rain turning into snow, it is definitely now “hat weather.” However, we all know that hats and headwear do much more than keep our heads warm – they make a fashion statement. Hats are a fun accessory which can transform an outfit. However, unlike knitted woolly hats, some headwear comes in … Continue reading “Top Headwear Trends A/W 15/16”